Mission Statement

To empower each student with the skills to be a productive citizen.

Strategic Plan

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We believe that providing a safe, secure, positive environment is essential for optimal learning for all students.

We believe that all students will be more successful if standards are in place and the curriculum is challenging.

We believe that teachers, administrators, and parents share the responsibility for creating and accomplishing the system’s mission.

Shared Vision Statement

It is the vision of Cumberland County Schools to meet the needs of each student to become a productive citizen in a growing community and evolving society. In pursuit of this vision, Cumberland County Schools will…

Maintain a stable, responsible, dependable environment where each student feels safe daily.

Nurture a positive atmosphere where change is encouraged and accepted.

Plan for meeting the individual needs for optimal achievement for students as the composition of our communities change by promoting an inclusive culture.

Serve as a leader in preparing students for a technologically advanced, global society.

Adhere to local, state, and federal policies and procedures as well as provide quality, research-based, data-driven instructional programming to meet ever-changing, rigorous curriculum standards.

Model and encourage the collaborative process among staff and stakeholders to be used as a positive leadership force in the community.

Create an environment that welcomes, educates, and nurtures active parental involvement and fosters collaboration among stakeholders by maintaining appropriate internal and external communication.

Actively seek to involve all stakeholders for a shared decision making process.

Prepare students to establish, implement, and attain goals such as achieving proficiency and beyond, a commitment to high school graduation, and lifelong learning.

Be responsive to the needs of our community in preparing productive, flexible, innovative, and inspired citizens.

Align policies and procedures to maintain a focus on achieving the system’s goals for student learning.